Liz Izhikevich


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I am an Assistant Professor in ECE @ UCLA. I am also a researcher at Censys and collaborate closely with Netflix and SpaceX-Starlink. I am a graduate of UC San Diego (B.S. '17, M.S. '18) and Stanford (Ph.D. '24). My sister, Katherine Izhikevich, also does research in Computer Science.


Open Source

LZR efficiently detects and fingerprints unexpected services running on unexpected ports. Check out how Censys uses LZR.

GPS predicts IPv4 services across all 65K ports. Check out how Hunt Intelligence uses GPS.

Stratosphere uses password generation algorithms to discover publicly accessible cloud storage buckets.

ASdb is a periodically updating dataset of autonomous systems and their business categories.

ZDNS is a high-speed DNS measurement toolkit that handles billions of lookups from a single server. Check out how Peakhour uses ZDNS.

LEO HitchHiking measures LEO satellite network characteristics at scale.